CBT Newtownabbey

You can attend on your own or in the company of another person; (and the other person can stay in the room or sit outside, whichever you like). Also, you are free to exit the therapy at any point, without any obligation whatsoever; some people find that they have gained all they need after just 2 or 3 sessions.
The first session is the longest and it lasts a full hour and three-quarters. After some basic demographic information is gathered, we look at the exact nature of the problem and then move directly to therapeutic work. It is during the first session that we define the problem in a way that makes sense of it. Over many years, feedback from clients consistently testifies that the first session is absolutely instrumental in the overall success of treatment.
Most other sessions last approximately 60 minutes; they link together and build upon each previous session to reinforce the new learning. New strategies for dealing with problems are explored and tested to see if there are more beneficial ways of dealing with specific issues.
Sessions are normally held either weekly or fort-nightly, and between each session you will be expected to complete a series of “homeworks”. These could include performing tasks, reading or writing, or cognitive challenges, but they will always be agreed with you in advance. In fact these homeworks will form the bulk of the therapeutic thrust. Time and again, it is our experience that those people who commit well to the homeworks are the people who have the most successful outcomes when therapy is completed. All homeworks will be reviewed in detail at each subsequent session. Although it is not necessary, some clients choose to have an accomplice - someone you trust who would be willing to support you with homeworks.
The number of sessions offered is partly dependent upon the type of problem being dealt with, but typically people with panic attacks normally have 4 sessions; 6 sessions is offered for anxiety, depression and general stress related issues, while OCD and PTSD problems will attract 10-12 sessions.
A variety of methods are used in sessions; these include one-to-one dialogues, different teaching formats, guided discovery questions / answers, role-plays, and reflections on homeworks. KEY COGNITIONS, KEY EMOTIONS AND KEY BEHAVIOURS ARE ALWAYS THE MAIN TARGETS OF OUR WORK, AND WE WILL LOOK AT THESE IN DETAIL TO SEE HOW THEY AFFECT YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE.....