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Social anxiety is charactarised by high anticipatory anxiety before a social event. People with social anxiety feel uncomfortable even at the prospect of being in the company of other people. For some individuals, their difficulty is such that it can actually lead on to diminished life choices such as their friendships, interests, career and even relationships.

Researchers have found that for people who have excessive discomfort in social situations, their focus of attention is generally inward, i.e. they spend their time examining themselves in detail, and guessing how other people are judging them. They simply assume that other people judge them negatively. Other things they do is to “replay” social occasions after they have left the scene, or they may try to rehearse an upcoming event in the hope they will predict how it will "pan out". Of course all this focus on themselves distracts the person from more positive forms of interaction with other people.

We can look at these cognitive processes with the aim of developing a less threatening interpretation of social situations......